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HOTHIR (hō'thẽr). The thirteenth son of Heman, David’s seer and singer. He was a Kohathite (1Chr.25.4, 1Chr.25.28).

HOTHIR hō’ thər (הוֹתִ֖יר, He [God] leaves, leaves over, makes abundant. One of the sons of Heman who functioned as a singer in the Temple under his father’s direction (1 Chron 25:4, 6, 7). The twenty-first of the twenty-four divisions of service fell to him (25:28). Several of the last nine names of v. 4 are quite unexampled in Heb. nomenclature. This has led to a number of attempts to interpret them either as a v. of a psalm or a list of psalm incipits, see J. M. Myers, I Chronicles (Anchor Bible [1965]), p. 172f. H. L. Ellison has suggested that “some early scribe saw the possibility of reading this petition in the names of Heman’s sons and altered them slightly for his purpose” (NBC, p. 351). However that may be, there is no question but that the author of Chronicles understood them as names.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned in 1Ch 25:4,28 among the sons of Heman, and one of those set apart by David for the musical service of the house of God (compare 25:6).