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HOSAH (hō’sa, Heb. hōsâh, refuge)

A town on the northern border of Asher, near Tyre (Josh.19.29). The site is uncertain.A Levite porter selected by David to be one of the first doorkeepers to the ark after its return (1Chr.16.38; 1Chr.26.10-1Chr.26.11, 1Chr.26.16).

HOSAH hō’ zə (חֹסָ֖ה, refuge). 1. A Merarite Levite. David made him a gatekeeper of the tent housing the Ark when he brought it into Jerusalem (1 Chron 16:38). He and his family were later made part of the organization of the gatekeepers and were made responsible for providing six guards for the W gate of Shallecheth (26:10-19).

2. A city on the border of Asher, apparently S of Tyre (Josh 19:29). Its site is unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city on the border of Asher, in the neighborhood of Tyre (Jos 19:29). Septuagint reads Iaseiph, which might suggest identification with Kefr Yasif, to the Northeast of Acre. Possibly, however, as Sayce (HCM, 429) and Moore (Judges, 51) suggest, Hosah may represent the Assyrian Usu. Some scholars think that Usu was the Assyrian name for Palaetyrus. If "the fenced city of Tyre" were that on the island, while the city on the mainland lay at Ras el-`Ain, 30 stadia to the South (Strabo xvi.758), this identification is not improbable.