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HORONITE (hôr'ō-nīt). A designation of Sanballat (Neh.2.10, Neh.2.19; Neh.13.28), probably indicating Moabite origin (from Beth Horon or Horonaim).

HORONITE hôr’ ə nīt (הַחֹרֹנִ֗י). An epithet applied to Sanballat, who opposed Nehemiah in his attempt to restore Jerusalem (Neh 2:10, 19; 13:28). The name may denote a citizen of Horonaim, or, more prob., of Bethhoron.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

hor’-o-nit, ho’-ro-nit (ha-choroni): an appellation of Sanballat (Ne 2:10,19; 13:28), as an inhabitant of BETH-HORON (which see).