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HORESH (hō'rĕsh, forest). A wood (so kjv) in the Desert of Ziph where David hid from Saul and where he made a covenant with Jonathan (1Sam.23.15-1Sam.23.19). It has been identified with Khirbet Khoreisa, about six miles (ten km.) south of Hebron.

HORESH hôr’ ĕsh (חֹ֫רֶשׁ, H3091, forest). A place in the Wilderness of Ziph where David took refuge from Saul, and David and Jonathan made a compact (1 Sam 23:15-19). It usually is identified with Khirbet Khoreisa, about six m. S of Hebron.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(choreshah, 1Sa 23:15,18, margin only; Septuagint en Te Kaine, "in the New"; English Versions of the Bible "in the wood" (ba-choreshdh), the particle "in" being combined with the article): Choresh in other passages is translated "forest" (compare 2Ch 27:4; Isa 17:9; Eze 31:3) and it is most probable that it should be so translated here.