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HOOK. The translation of several Hebrew words: 1. ’aghmôn, “reed” (Job.41.2, kjv where a rope of rushes is meant; niv “cord”).

2. Wāw, “hook” or “peg” of gold or silver, used to support the hangings of the tabernacle (Exod.26.32, Exod.26.37; Exod.27.10, Exod.27.17; Exod.36.36, Exod.36.38; Exod.38.10-Exod.38.19, Exod.38.28).

3. Had, “hook, ring, fetter” (2Kgs.19.28; Isa.37.29; Ezek.29.4; Ezek.38.4).

4. Hakkâh, “angle, hook, fishhook” (Job.41.1 rsv, niv).

5. Tsinnâh, “thorn, hook” (Amos.4.2).

6. Shephattayîm, “hook-shaped pegs, double hooks” (Ezek.40.43).

7. Fleshhook, mazlēgh, probably a small pitchfork with two or three tines (Exod.27.3; rsv “forks,” niv “meat forks”).

8. “Pruning hook,” mazemẽrôth, a sickle-shaped knife for pruning vines.

9. Hôah, “hook” (Job.41.2 rsv, niv; kjv “thorn”).

10. The Greek word, occurring only once in the NT, is ankistron, “fishing hook” (Matt.17.27 kjv; niv “line”).

HOOK, four Heb. and one Gr. word are so tr. by the Eng. VSS. The Heb. words are: 1. וָו, H2260, which has been related to a hypothetical root, ווא, and simply means “connector” in the descriptions of the Tabernacle (Exod 26:32, et al. RSV). It served as the attachment for various pendant ornaments. It was fashioned of gold or silver and its sockets of silver.

2. חָח, H2626, a loan word from Akkad., with cognates in Aram. and Arab. It means “thorn” and was used of the thorns or pins thrust through the lips or noses of captives (2 Chron 33:11); of the bridles of animals (Ezek 19:4, et al.); and for a type of jewelry, possibly a fibula as in Exodus 35:22.

3. חַכָּה, H2676, “fish hook” (Job 41:2); however, the same term is tr. as “angle” by KJV in other passages (Hab 1:15).

In Job 41:2 the term אַגְמֹ֣ון, is a loan word from Akkad. meaning a reedswamp, and by association a “reed” itself. Cognates are found in Aram. and Arab. and in all other citations it is tr. as reed or rush. These last few citations are merely corrections of the VSS only. The only Gr. term used in the NT is ἄγκιστρον, G45, a term used from Homeric times for a metal fish hook and found only in Matthew 17:27.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) chakkah, is rendered "fishhook" in Job 41:1 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "hook"). the Revised Version (British and American) is correct here and should have used the same translation for the same word in Isa 19:8; Hab 1:15, instead Of retaining AV’s "angle." Similarly in Am 4:2, tsinnah, and ciroth dughah, appear to be synonyms for "fishhook," although the former may mean the barb of a fisher’s spear. In the New Testament "fishhook" occurs in Mt 17:27 (agkistron).

(2) The "flesh-hook." (mazlegh, mizlaghah) of Ex 27:3, etc., was probably a small pitchfork, with two or three tines.

(3) The "pruning-hook" (mazmerah), used in the culture of the vine (Isa 18:5), was a sickle-shaped knife, small enough to be made from the metal of a spear-point (Isa 2:4; Joe 3:10; Mic 4:3).

(4) waw, is the name given the supports of certain hangings of the tabernacle (Ex 26:32, etc.). Their form is entirely obscure.

(5) chach, is rendered "hook" in 2Ki 19:28 = Isa 37:29; Eze 29:4; 38:4, and Eze 19:4,9 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "chain"). A ring (compare Ex 35:22), put in the nose of a tamed beast and through which a rope is passed to lead him, is probably meant.

(6) ’aghmon, is rendered "hook" in Job 41:2 the King James Version, but should be "a rope" of rushes or rush-fiber as in the Revised Version (British and American), or, simply, "a rush" (on which small fish are strung).

(7) choach, is "hook" in Job 41:2 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "thorn," perhaps right) and 2Ch 33:11 the Revised Version margin (text chains," Ay "thorns,"). On both verses see the commentaries

(8) shephattayim, is "hooks" in Eze 40:43 (the Revised Version margin "ledges"), but the meaning of this word is completely unknown, and "hook" is a mere guess.