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HODIAH (hō-dī'a)

Mentioned only in 1Chr.4.19, either the sister of Naham (kjv, neb) or the husband of the sister of Naham (asv, niv, rsv); in any case, a member of the tribe of Judah.A Levite of the time of Ezra and Nehemiah (Neh.8.7; Neh.9.5; Neh.10.10, Neh.10.13).A chief of the people under Nehemiah (Neh.10.18).

HODIAH hō dī’ ə (הֹֽודִיָּ֔ה, splendor of Jehovah KJV HODIJAH). 1. A Judahite; brother-in-law of Naham (1 Chron 4:19). The KJV rendering, “his wife,” is wrong.

2. One of the Levites who interpreted the law when it was read by Ezra (Neh 8:7); cf. 1 Esdras 9:48, where KJV, ASV have AUTEAS.

3. Two Levites who signed the covenant (Neh 10:10, 13). They may be the same as 1.

4. An Israelite leader who signed the covenant (Neh 10:18).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ho-di’-a, ho-di’-ja (hodhiyah, "splendor of Yah"):

(1) A brother-in-law of Naham (1Ch 4:19), and possibly for that reason reckoned a member of the tribe of Judah. the King James Version translate "his wife" is wrong.

(2) One of the Levites who explained to the people the Law as read by Ezra (Ne 8:7) and led their prayers (Ne 9:5). He is doubtless one of the two Levites of this name who sealed the covenant of Nehemiah (Ne 10:10,13).

(3) One of the chiefs of the people who sealed the covenant of Nehemiah (Ne 10:18). J. Gray Mcallister