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HODAVIAH, HODAIAH (hō'da-vī'a, hō-dā'ya)

A son of Elioenai, a descendant of the royal line of Judah (1Chr.3.24).A chief of the half-tribe of Manasseh, east of the Jordan (1Chr.5.24).The son of Hassenuah, a Benjamite (1Chr.9.7).A Levite, founder of the “line of Hodaviah” (Ezra.2.40). KJV, MLB, NASB, and RSV have “Hodevah” in Neh.7.43 and “Judah” in Ezra.3.9 (niv has “Hodaviah” in both).

HODAVIAH hŏd’ ə vī’ ə (הוֹדַוְיָ֜ה, הוֹדַוְיָהוּ). 1. The head of a clan of the half-tribe of Manasseh on the E of the Jordan (1 Chron 5:24).

2. A Benjamite; son of Hassenuah (1 Chron 9:7).

3. Ancestor of a family of Levites who returned from the Exile (Ezra 2:40); called HODEVAH in Nehemiah 7:43.

4. A descendant of King David (1 Chron 3:24).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(hodhawyah, or hodhawyahu; the Septuagint’s Codex Alexandrinus, Hodouia):

(1) One of the heads of the half-tribe of Manasseh on the East of the Jordan (1Ch 5:24).

(2) A Benjamite, the son of Hassenuah (1Ch 9:7).

(3) A Levite, who seems to have been the head of an important family in that tribe (Ezr 2:40). In Ne 7:43 the name is Hodevah (hodhewah; Qere hodheyah). Compare Ezr 3:9.

(4) A son of Elioenai, and a descendant of David (1Ch 3:24; hodhaywahu; Qere hodhawyahu, the King James Version "Hodaiah").