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HEZRO, HEZRAI (hĕz'-rō, hĕz'ră-ē). A Carmelite, one of David’s heroes (2Sam.23.35; 1Chr.11.37).

HEZRO hĕz’ rō (חֶצְרוֹ, H2968). KJV HEZRAI, -rī. One of David’s mighty men, known as the “Thirty” (2 Sam 23:35). He was a Carmelite.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

hez’-ro, hez’-ra-i, hez’-ri (chezro, 2Sa 23:35; 1Ch 11:37, but the Qere of 2Sa 23:35 is chezray. The ancient versions almost unanimously support the form Hezrai): A Carmelite, i.e. an inhabitant of Carmel. See Carmelite. One of David’s thirty "mighty men."