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HETHLON (hĕth'lŏn, Heb. hethlôn). A place NE of Tripoli, Syria, just north of Mount Lebanon, from which one passes into the great plain of Coele Syria to the entrance of Hamath (Ezek.47.15; Ezek.48.1); mentioned as the beginning of the northern boundary of restored Israel. Its modern location is unknown.

HETHLON hĕth’ lŏn (חֶתְלֹ֖ן). The name of a place on the ideal northern boundary of Israel (Ezek 47:15; 48:1). The site is unknown; it may be the modern Heitela, NE of Tripolis.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Name of a place associated with Zedad on the ideal northern boundary of Israel, as given in Eze 47:15 and 48:1, but not named in Nu 34:8, while the Septuagint evidently translated the text it had. In accordance with the opinion they hold as to the boundary line of Northern Israel, van Kasteren and Buhl seek to identify Hethlon with ’Adlun on the river Qasmiyeh. Much more in harmony with the line of the other border towns given is its identification with Heitala to the Northeast of Tripoli. The "way of Hethlon" would then coincide with the Eleutherus valley, between Homs and the Mediterranean, through which the railway now runs, and to this identification the Septuagint seems to give testimony, indicating some path of "descent" from the Biqa’a.