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Hesychius of Jerusalem

FIFTH century. Greek writer. Born and educated in Jerusalem, he early became a monk and was subsequently ordained presbyter by the bishop of Jerusalem. His knowledge and eloquence were held in high esteem. He wrote against the Manichaeans, Arians, Apollinarians, and others. He is said to have written a history of the Council of Ephesus (431) and to have commented on the whole of the Bible. What survives of his writing suggests that he adopted the Alexandrian style of exegesis. Cyril of Scythopolis in his Vita Euthymii mentions Hesychius as having accompanied Juvenal of Jerusalem to the consecration of the Church of the Laura of Euthymius about 428, and he is said by Allatius to have been chartophylax of the Church of the Anastasius at Jerusalem. Hesychius was a friend of Eutyches and opposed to the Council of Chalcedon (451). The date of his death is unknown.