Herdman, Herdsman

The OT uses three words (see above) which can be tr. as “herdsman” or “shepherd.” בﯴקֵ֥ר is used only once indicating Amos’ occupation before he was called to preach. נֹקֵ֑ד is used only twice—once to identify Amos’ occupation and the other (2 Kings 3:4) to describe the amount of tribute Mesha, king of Moab, had to pay the king of Israel. In Ugaritic material a נקד was a high official, between priestly and military levels of society, in charge of royal herds. The third Heb. word רֹעֶ֤ה is the most common in the OT, but it is usually tr. as “shepherd.”

There are two Gr. words used for herdsman in the NT. Βόσκοντες usually is tr. as “herdsman” while the more common ποιμήν, G4478, usually is tr. “shepherd.”