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Henry of Lausanne

d. mid-twelfth century. Monk and theologian, he later lapsed into heresy. He rejected the objective efficacy of both the priesthood and the sacraments. His message was the evangelical life of poverty and penance which he himself lived. In 1101 he went from Lausanne to Le Mans, but his views on the priesthood and the sacraments led to his expulsion by Bishop Hildebert. He then preached in various parts of S France, and was condemned by the Council of Toulouse in 1119. In 1135, after arrest by the bishop of Arles, Henry recanted temporarily but soon relapsed and continued his preaching. After 1135 he was influenced by Pierre de Bruys, whose doctrines had many similarities with Henry's. In 1145 Bernard of Clairvaux was sent to combat Henry's preaching. Henry was arrested and died at Toulouse shortly afterward. Although perhaps a precursor of the Waldensians, Henry was not a Manichaean.