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Henry Joel Cadbury

1883- . American NT scholar. Member of the Society of Friends, he taught at various eastern colleges and seminaries, then from 1934 to 1954 served as Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard. He was a member of the RSV translation committee, secretary for many years of the American Schools of Oriental Research, and president of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. His primary contribution to biblical scholarship has been in the area of Lucan research. His publications include The Style and Literary Method of Luke (1919- 20), The Making of Luke-Acts (1928), The Book of Acts in History (1955), and numerous essays in the same area. With K. Lake* he co-authored the commentary volume of The Beginnings of Christianity: Part I: The Acts of the Apostles (vol. IV, 1933) and also wrote many of the most valuable essays in the appendix volume of the same work. His books are models of careful scholarship.