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Henri Quentin

1872-1935. Biblical scholar. Born at St. Thierry, France, he studied at Reims and entered the Benedictine abbey of Maredsous, Belgium (1894-95). Transferred to Solesmes, France (1897), he was ordained in 1902. Pius X called him to Rome in 1907 to serve on the Commission for Revision of the Vulgate. He superintended the photographing of most of the important Vulgate MSS and was editor-in-chief of the Pentateuch. He became a member of the Pontifical Roman Academy of Archaeology (1923), and Pius XI appointed him to the historical section of the Congregation of Sacred Rites* (1930). He had a substantial part in the creation of the new Sacred Heart liturgy (1928). He was made first abbot of the Abbey of St. Girolamo, Rome, in 1933.