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Helkath Hazzurim

HELKATH HAZZURIM (hĕl'kăth hăz'ū-rĭm, the field of the sharp knives). A piece of ground near the pool of Gibeon where twelve men of Joab fought with twelve men of Abner and all twenty-four died (2Sam.2.12-2Sam.2.16).

HELKATH-HAZZURIM hĕl’ kăth hăz’ oŏ rĭm (חֶלְקַ֥ת הַצֻּרִ֖ים, field of the sword edges). The place where twelve men of Joab fought to the death with an equal number from Abner’s forces (2 Sam 2:16). The LXX trs. the name “field of the plotters,” as though it came from the Heb. root צדה, “to lie in wait,” rather than צר, “flint edge.” Others suggest the Heb. root צד, “side”; tr. “field of the sides,” noting the place where each was struck. The location is near the pool of Gibeon, a site excavated and positively identified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

hel’-kath-haz’-u-rim, -ha-zu’-rim (chelqath ha-tsurim; Meris ton epiboulon): The name as it stands means "field of the sword edges," and is applied to the scene of the conflict in which twelve champions each from the army of Joab and that of Abner perished together, each slaying his fellow (2Sa 2:16). Some, following Septuagint, would read chelqath ha-tsodhim, "field of the crafty," i.e. "of the ambush." Thenius suggested chelqath ha-tsarim, "field of the adversaries" (see also H. P. Smith, ICC, "Samuel," 271). Probably, however, the text as it stands is correct.