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HELECH he’ lĕk (חֵילֵ֗כְ). The RSV tr. of the Heb. in Ezekiel 27:11. KJV, ASV THINE ARMY, from the Heb. root חיל (strength, army), in which case the final letter is to be seen as the feminine form of the pronoun “you.” If the word refers to a place, it is prob. the Assyrian name for the original “Cilicia” N of the Taurus mountains. These Cilicians were noted for their warlike character and would fit as mercenaries of Tyre. J. Simons (Geographical and Topographical Texts of the OT) thinks it not probable that the word refers to a place, and the LXX favors that view, and tr. the word much as do the KJV and ASV. The name “Hilakku” for Cilicia is found in ancient records.