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HELDAI (hĕl'dā-ī)

The army captain over twenty-four thousand men whose duties were in the twelfth month under David (1Chr.27.15). Probably the same as Heled in 1Chr.11.30 and as Heleb in 2Sam.23.29.One of three noble Jews who brought gold and silver from Babylon, and who were to surrender the metal to Zechariah (Zech.6.9-Zech.6.15) that he might make a crown for Joshua the high priest. The name is Helem in Zech.6.14 in KJV (cf. niv footnote).

One of a group of Jews who brought gold and silver from Babylon to help the exiles who had returned under Zerubbabel (Zech 6:10). From these gifts a crown was to be made for Joshua the high priest (Zech 6:10, 14). In v. 14, the KJV and ASV have Helem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) A captain of the temple-service, appointed for the 12th month (1Ch 27:15). Same as Heled (cheledh) in parallel list (compare 1Ch 11:30), and is probably also to be identified with Heleb, son of Baanah the Metophathite, one of David’s heroic leaders (2Sa 23:29).

(2) One of a company of Jews who brought gifts of gold and silver from Babylon to assist the exiles under Zerubbabel (Zec 6:10).