HELBAH (hĕl'ba, a fertile region). A town of the tribe of Asher from which the men of Israel failed to expel the Canaanites. It is near the Leontes River in Lebanon (Judg.1.31).

HELBAH hĕl’ bə (חֶלְבָּ֔ה). A town of Asher from which Israel could not expel the Canaanites (Judg 1:31). Similarity in the consonants and location lead many scholars to identify Ahlab (1:31) and Mahalab (Josh 19:29) with Helbah at Khirbet el-Mahalib, five m. N of Tyre on the coast.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place in the territory assigned to Asher (Jud 1:31). It may be identical with Mahalliba of Sennacherib’s prism inscription. The site, however, has not been recovered.