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HEGEMONIDES hĕj’ ə mō’ nə dez (̔Ηγεμονίδης). A Syrian officer appointed by King Antiochus in command of the district from Ptolemais to Gerar at the time when the king was forced to return to Antioch to deal wth a revolt by Philip (162 b.c.). The KJV rendering is “principal governor” (2 Macc 13:24).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

heg-e-mon’-i-dez, hej-e-mo-ni’-dez (Hegemonides): The Syrian officer placed in command of the district extending from Ptolemais to the Gerrenians (2 Macc 13:24). It is not easy to see how in the King James Version and even in Swete’s revised text the word can be taken as a mere appellative along with strategon, the two being rendered "principal officer": one of the two could certainly be omitted (Swete, 3rd ed., 1905, capitalizes Hegemonides). In the Revised Version (British and American) the word is taken as the name of some person otherwise unknown.