HEGAI, HEGE (hĕg'ā-ī, hē'gē). The eunuch employed by Xerxes (kjv Ahasuerus) as keeper of the women in the king’s harem (Esth.2.3, Esth.2.8, Esth.2.15). Some think that “hegai” is not a proper name but means “eunuch.”

HEGAI hĕg’ ī (הֵגָ֑י, הֵגֶ֛א). Chamberlain of Ahasuerus, and keeper of the women from whom the king intended to choose a queen to replace Vashti (Esth 2:3 [KJV HEGE], 8, 15).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

he’-ga-i, he’-ge (heghay; Gai (Es 2:8,15), and heghe’, Hege (Es 2:3)): One of the officers of the Persian king Ahasuerus; a chamberlain or eunuch (keeper of women), into whose custody the "fair young virgins" were delivered from whom the king intended to choose his queen in the place of the discredited Vashti.