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HEDGEHOG (קִפֹּד, H7887, hedgehog, Isa 14:23; Zeph 2:14; RSV only, elsewhere porcupine ASV, bittern KJV). See Bittern for discussion. The porcupine is the largest rodent in this area and may weigh over forty pounds. The powerful sharp spines, up to fifteen inches long, are modified hairs. Porcupines live in all countries where they can find rocky shelter, eating mostly roots and other vegetable matter but also some bones, and even animal remains. In most parts of their range they are considered good eating.

Hedgehogs are much smaller, up to about ten inches, and they are covered above with short spines; in color they are sandy to brown. They are insectivores and take a wide range of insects, as well as baby rodents, birds’ eggs, small reptiles, etc. mostly at night. When alarmed they roll into a defensive ball, spines pointing outward. Three species live in Pal., two being desert forms.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Septuagint echinos, "hedgehog," for qippodh, in Isa 14:23; 34:11; Ze 2:14, and for qippoz, in Isa 34:15).

See Porcupine; Bittern; OWL; SERPENT.