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Hazer Hatticon

HAZER HATTICON (hā'zer-hăt'ĭ-kŏn, middle village). Mentioned only in Ezek.47.16 as being near Damascus and on the border of Hauran. Its exact location is uncertain.

HAZAR-HATTICON. KJV form of Hazer-Hatticon.

HAZER-HATTICON hā’ zər hăt’ ə kŏn (חָצֵר־הַתִּיכֹ֔ון). KJV HAZAR-HATTICON. A place described as “on the border of Hauran” and named among the boundaries of ideal Israel (Ezek 47:16). It is prob. a scribal error for “Hazar-enon.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ad’-ar; e’-nan; gad’-a; hat’-i-kon; ma’-veth; shoo’-al; su’-sa; su’-sim.

See Hazar.