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Hazar Shual

HAZAR SHUAL (hā'zar shū'ăl, village of the jackal). A town in southern Judah (Josh.15.28) later given to Simeon (Josh.19.3). After the Captivity it was held by Simeon (1Chr.4.28) and Judah (Neh.11.27).

HAZAR-SHUAL hā’ zər shōō’ əl (חֲצַ֥ר שׁוּעָ֛ל). A place in the S of Judah (Josh 15:28) assigned to Simeon (Josh 19:3; 1 Chron 4:28). It was repeopled by Jews after the Exile (Neh 11:27). It is always mentioned in close relationship with Beersheba. Its site is unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ad’-ar; e’-nan; gad’-a; hat’-i-kon; ma’-veth; shoo’-al; su’-sa; su’-sim.

See Hazar.