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Hazar Enan

HAZAR ENAN (hā'zar ē'năn, village of fountains). The NE corner of the land of Canaan as promised by the Lord to the people of Israel (Num.34.9-Num.34.10; cf. Ezek.47.17).

HAZAR-ENAN hā’ zər e’ nən (חֲצַ֣ר עֵינָן, חֲצַ֤ר עֵינוֹן, village of springs). Alternately: HAZAR-ENON (Ezek 47:17, 18; 48:1). A place on the northern boundary of Israel on the frontier between Palestine and Hammath (Num 34:9, 10). The RSV adds the name in Ezekiel 47:18, from which it had apparently dropped out. It is prob. to be identified with the modern Hadr at the foot of Mount Hermon.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ad’-ar; e’-nan; gad’-a; hat’-i-kon; ma’-veth; shoo’-al; su’-sa; su’-sim.

See Hazar.