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Havvoth Jair

HAVVOTH JAIR (hā-vŏth jā'îr, Heb. hawwōth-yā’îr, villages of Jair). A group of villages that Jair, son of Manasseh, took (Num.32.41). The word hawwah means a village of tents; it is used only in connection with these towns of Jair. This group consisted of thirty villages (Judg.10.4; 1Chr.2.22-1Chr.2.23). Jair captured both Gilead and Bashan; this latter district evidently contained thirty more towns (Deut.3.14; Josh.13.30; 1Kgs.4.13; 1Chr.2.23). The phrase Havvoth Jair applied only to the villages in Gilead.

Judges 10:4 also mentions a Jair who was a Gileadite, and of whom it is said that he judged Israel twenty-two years, and that his thirty sons besides riding on thirty asses also had thirty cities called Havvoth-jair. This Jair was undoubtedly different from the other one. It is not known why only thirty cities are mentioned. It may be that this Jair ruled over thirty himself and had his thirty sons rule over the others.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)