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HASSENUAH (hăs-e*ch-nū'a, Heb. hassenūâh, the word is senuah, with the definite article prefixed, meaning the hated one)

An ancestor of Sallu, a Benjamite who returned from exile (1Chr.9.7).The father of Judah, the assistant overseer of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s time (Neh.11.9). In KJV Senuah.

HASSENUAH hăs’ ə nōō’ ə (הַסְּנֻאָֽה, הַסְּנוּאָ֛ה, hassenū'āh) KJV HASENUAH (1 Chron 9:7), KJV SENUAH se nōō’ a (Neh 11:9). The name of a Benjamite family living in Jerusalem (1 Chron 9:7); “Senaah” may be a variant of “Hassenuah” (Ezra 2:35; Neh 7:38).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A family name in the two lists of Benjamite inhabitants of Jerusalem (1Ch 9:7, the King James Version "Hasenuah"; Ne 11:9, "Senuah"). The name is possibly the same as HASSENAAH (which see), yet the occurrence of the singular ("son of Hassenuah") does not so well accord with the idea of a place-name.