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HASHABIAH (hăsh-a-bī'a, Heb. hăshavyâh, whom Jehovah esteems)

HASHABIAH hăsh’ ə bī’ ə (חֲשַׁבְיָ֥ה, Yahweh has taken account). 1. Two Merarite Levites (1 Chron 6:45; 9:14).

2. One of the sons of Jeduthun (1 Chron 25:3, 19). He was the head of the twelfth company of musicians appointed by David for the sanctuary.

3. A Kohathite Levite of the family of Hebron; appointed by David as his deputy for the area W of the Jordan River (1 Chron 26:30).

4. Son of Kemuel; a Levite chief officer under King David (1 Chron 27:17).

5. A chief of the Levites in Josiah’s reign; he gave liberally toward the sacrifices (2 Chron 35:9; 1 Esd 1:9, KJV ASSABIAS, ASV SABIAS).

6. A Levite who returned from exile with Ezra (Ezra 8:19; 1 Esd 8:48, KJV ASEBIA, ASV ASEBIAS).

7. One of the priests entrusted with the Temple treasures which were brought to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:24; 1 Esd 8:54; KJV ASSANIAS, ASV ASSANIAS).

8. A ruler of half of the district of Keilah who helped repair the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:17); he also helped to seal the covenant (Neh 10:11; 12:24).

9. A priest in the time of Joiakim the high priest; head of the father’s house of Hilkiah (Neh 12:21). In Ezra 10:25 the RSV substitutes Hashabiah for the KJV MALCHIJAH (the Heb. has MALCHIJAH, but the LXX has ASABIA) to agree with 1 Esdras 9:26 where the Gr. has ASIBIAS.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) Two Levites of the family of Merari (1Ch 6:45; 9:14).

(2) A Levite who dwelt in Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah (Ne 11:15).

(3) A son of Jeduthun (1Ch 25:3).

(4) A Hebronite, chief of a clan of warriors who had charge of West Jordan in the interests of Yahweh and the king of Israel (1Ch 26:30).

(5) A Levite who was a "ruler" (1Ch 27:17).

(6) One of the Levite chiefs in the time of Josiah, who gave liberally toward the sacrifices (2Ch 35:9). In 1 Esdras 1:9 it is "Sabias."

(7) A Levite whom Ezra induced to return from exile with him (Ezr 8:19). 1 Esdras 8:48 has "Asebias."

(8) One of the twelve priests set apart by Ezra to take care of the gold, the silver, and the vessels of the temple on their return from exile (Ezr 8:24; 1Esdras 8:54, "’Assamias").

(9) Ruler of half of the district of "Keilah," who helped to repair the walls under Nehemiah (Ne 3:17), and also helped to seal the covenant (Ne 10:11; 12:24).

(10) A Levite (Ne 11:22).

(11) A priest (Ne 12:21).