HARUPHITE (ha-rū'fīt, Heb. harûphî, or hărîphî). Shephatiah, one of the men who joined David’s forces in Ziklag, was called the Haruphite or the Hariphite (1Chr.12.5). If this latter form is the correct one, then this man may be connected with the Hariph clan (Neh.7.24).

HARUPHITE hə rōō’ fīt (הַחֲרוּפִֽי or הַחֲרִיפִי). Shephatiah, one of the Benjaminite warriors who joined David at Ziklag, is called a Haruphite (K) or Hariphite (Q) (1 Chron 12:5). There may be some connection with the Hareph of 1 Chronicles 2:51, or the Hariph family of Nehemiah 7:24; 10:19.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(charuphi, or chariphi); In 1Ch 12:5 Shephatiah, one of the companions of David, is called a Haruphite (K) or Hariphite (Q). If the latter be the correct reading, it is connected with HARIPH or perhaps HAREPH (which see).