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HARODITE (hā'rŏd-īt, Heb. hărōdî, belonging to Harod). The family name of two of David’s mighty men, Shammah and Elika (2Sam.23.25). In the parallel place in 1Chr.11.27 this name is given as “Harorite”—a scribal error for “Harodite.”

HARODITE hâr’ ŏd īt (חֲרֹדִ֔י). A gentilic from Harod, a name given to two of David’s heroes, Shammah and Elika (2 Sam 23:25 RSV “of Harod”). In 1 Chronicles 11:27 “Elika” is omitted, and “Harodite” has become “Harorite” (so KJV, ASV; RSV “of Harod”).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Two of David’s heroes, Shamma and Elika, are so called (2Sa 23:25). Septuagint omits the second name. In 1Ch 11:27, the first is called "Shammoth the Harorite," while the second is omitted. "Harorite" is a clerical error for "Harodite," the Hebrew letter daleth ("d") being taken for the Hebrew letter resh ("r"). Possibly Harodite may be connected with the well of HAROD (which see).