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HAROD (hā'rŏd, Heb. hârōdh, trembling). A spring or well beside which Gideon and his men camped one morning. The Lord reduced his army there to three hundred men with whom he routed the Midianites that night (Judg.7.1). Harod was located in the Mount Gilboa area about four miles (seven km.) SE of the city of Jezreel. The modern name of the spring is Ain Jalud.

HAROD hâr’ ŏd (חֲרֹ֑ד). 1. A spring at which Gideon encamped with his men while preparing for battle with the Midianites (Judg 7:1). It is possible that Saul encamped at this spring before his fatal battle with the Philistines (1 Sam 29:1; cf. 31:1).

2. The home of two of David’s “mighty” men, Shammah and Elika (2 Sam 23:25; 1 Chron 11:27). The KJV calls the men Harodites in 2 Samuel 23:25, and in 1 Chronicles 11:27 Shammah is called a Harorite. The difference in spelling is undoubtedly due to the confusion of the Heb. letters ר and ד, which are almost identical in appearance.