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Hans Tausen

1494-1561. Danish Reformer and bishop. In his youth a monk of the monastery of St. John of Antvorskov, he pursued theological studies in Rostock from 1516, Copenhagen (1521), Louvain (1522), and Wittenberg (1523). While studying in Germany, he became a fully convinced adherent of the Reformation. In 1525 he was recalled to Antvorskov and shortly afterward transferred to Viborg. Before long a large congregation gathered around his dauntless and popular preaching of evangelical truth. Tausen's superiors were alarmed and tried to stop him by expelling him from the monastery and from his order. He nevertheless continued preaching, and in 1526 King Frederik I put Tausen under his personal protection, so that he might continue his work of reformation unhindered by the clerical authorities. From 1529 he worked in Copenhagen, and here again his preaching gave rise to a vigorous reformation movement. After the official accomplishment of the Reformation in Denmark* in 1536, Tausen went on with his preaching ministry in Copenhagen, and from 1538 became also a lecturer in theology in Roskilde. In 1541 he was appointed bishop of Ribe. In this capacity he worked at the practical accomplishment of the Reformation within his diocese until his death. Tausen is the most outstanding figure among the pioneers of the Reformation in Denmark, not so much because of his originality as because of his frankness and lucidity.