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Hans Peter Hallbeck

1784-1840. Moravian missionary to South Africa. Born in Sweden, he studied theology at Lund before joining the Moravian Brethren.* From 1817 until his death he was superintendent of their mission in the Cape Colony. This was a period of consolidation and expansion. Five new missions were established, two of them among Africans, and pastoral work was extended from the closed settlements to neighboring farms. Hallbeck laid stress upon Christian education and established a training school at Genadendal to provide indigenous helpers for the mission (1838). He was a gifted administrator. The regulations governing mission settlements were improved, giving communicant householders a share in the administration. After 1838 many emancipated slaves were successfully integrated into the communities. Hallbeck maintained the good reputation of the Moravians and cooperated wherever possible with the colonial government. He detested the pass laws which restricted Hottentot freedom, but did not oppose them publicly. In 1836 he attended the Moravian Synod, at which he was elected and consecrated bishop.