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Hanging, Hangings

The מָסָכְ, H5009, at the entrance to the holy place was supported by five pillars of acacia overlaid with gold (26:37), and attached with golden hooks. Possibly it was somewhat wider than the screen to the court. The responsibility for caring for these various hangings and drapes of the Tabernacle and its court was entrusted to the Levitical family of Gershon (Num 3:25, 26).

Besides these is one other Heb. word tr. “hangings” in KJV of OT (2 Kings 23:7) בָּתִּ֖ים. Normally this meant “houses” or “tentshrines,” but here it prob. referred to “woven garments,” although there can be no certainty about a unique usage of this sort.