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HANAN (hā'năn, Heb. hānān, gracious)

HANAN hā’ nən (חָנָֽן, gracious). 1. A Benaminite chief (1 Chron 8:23).

2. The youngest son of Azel, a descendant of Saul (1 Chron 8:38; 9:44).

3. One of David’s Mighty Men (1 Chron 11:43).

4. The son of Igdaliah; his sons occupied a chamber in the Temple (Jer 35:4).

5. The head of a family of Nethinim that returned to Pal. after the Exile (Ezra 2:46; Neh 7:49); called HANA in 1 Esdras 5:30 RSV (KJV, ASV ANAN).

6. A Levite who helped Ezra interpret the law (Neh 8:7) and also sealed the covenant (10:10).

7. Another Levite who sealed Ezra’s covenant (10:22).

8. Son of Zaccur, and one of the Temple treasurers appointed by Nehemiah (13:13).

9. Another man who sealed the covenant (10:26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(chanan, "gracious"):

(1) A chief of the tribe of Benjamin (1Ch 8:23).

(2) The youngest son of Azel, a descendant of Saul (1Ch 8:38; 9:44).

(3) One of David’s mighty men of valor (1Ch 11:43).

(4) The head of a family of the Nethinim who returned with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:46; Ne 7:49).

(5) An assistant of Ezra in expounding the law (Ne 8:7). Possibly the same person is referred to in Ne 10:10 (11).

(6) One of the four treasurers put in charge of the tithes by Nehemiah (Ne 13:13).

(7,8) Two who "sealed the covenant" on the eve of the restoration (Ne 10:22 (23),26 (27)).

(9) A son of Igdaliah, "the man of God," whose sons had a chamber in the temple at Jerusalem (Jer 35:4).

Byron H. Dement