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Hammoth Dor

HAMMOTH DOR (hăm'ŏth dôr, warm springs of Dor). A city in Naphtali, appointed as a city of refuge (Josh.21.32). See also Hammath.

HAMMOTH-DOR hăm’ əth dôr’ (חַמֹּ֥ת דֹּאר, hot springs). A fortified Levitical city in Naphtali (Josh 21:32). It is prob. the same as Hammath, which is likely the modern Hamman Tabariyeh not far S of Tiberias.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A fenced, Levitical city of Naphtali (Jos 19:35; 21:32); also named Hammen (1Ch 6:61 Hebrew). Probably the hammatu of the Karnak lists, and the hamatam of WAI, II, 53; certainly the Emmaus of Josephus, Ant, XVIII, ii, 3; BJ, IV, i, 3; Hamata of `Erubhin v. 5; Meghillah 2b, and the modern el-Hammam, 1 1/2 miles South of Tiberias. The name signifies "hot springs," and these, 4 in number, still exist. They have a temperature of 144 degree F., are salt and bitter in taste and sulfurous in smell. Considered invaluable for rheumatism, they are crowded in June and July. This health-giving reputation is of ancient date. It is mentioned in Josephus, BJ, IV, i, 3; and a coin of Tiberias of the reign of Trajan depicts Hygeia sitting on a rock beside the springs, feeding the serpent of Aesculapius. Being used for pleasure also, they were permitted to the Jew on the Sabbath, whereas had they been used only medicinally, they would have been forbidden (Babylonian Talmud, Shab 109a; compare Mt 12:10).