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HAMMON (hăm'ŏn, hot springs)

A place in Asher about ten miles (seventeen km.) south of Tyre (Josh.19.28).A city of Naphtali (1Chr.6.76). Hammath (Josh.19.35) may be the same place.

HAMMON hăm’ ən (חַמֹּ֣ון, glowing). 1. A place S of Tyre on the W border of Asher, mentioned in Joshua 19:28 along with many other cities in the tribe of Asher. The site is unknown, but it is perhaps to be identified with Umm el-’Awamid, near Ras en-Naqurah.

2. A city of Nephtali belonging to the Gershonite Levites (1 Chron 6:76). It is the same as Hammath in Joshua 19:35, and perhaps also Hammoth-dor in Joshua 21:32.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(chammon, "glowing"):

(1) A place on the seaward frontier of Asher, named with Rehob and Kanah (Jos 19:28), to be sought, therefore, not far from Tyre. The most probable identification so far suggested is with Umm el’Amud, "mother of the column" (or `Awamid, "columns"), at the mouth of Wady Chamul, on the shore, about 10 miles South of Tyre. An inscription found by Renan shows that the place was associated with the worship of Ba`al Chamman (CIS, I, 8).

(2) A city in Naphtali, given to the Gershonite Levites (1Ch 6:76). It is identical with Hammath (Jos 19:35), and probably also with Hammoth-dor (Jos 21:32).