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GURBAAL gûr’ bāl (גּוּר־בָּ֖עַל, sojourn of Baal; LXX ἐπὶ̀ τῆς πέτρας, upon the rock). A city in the Negeb inhabited by Arabs, whom Uzziah conquered with the help of God (2 Chron 26:7). Its site has not been discovered. The reading of the LXX has suggested to some that the NT requires emendation.

Bibliography J. Simons, The Geographical and Topographical Texts of the OT (1959), 371.

Article 2

Sojourn of Baal, a place in Arabia (2 Chr. 26:7) where there was probably a temple of Baal.

Article 3

(abode of Baal), a place or district in which dwelt Arabians, as recorded in (2 Chronicles 26:7) It appears from the context to have been in the country lying between Palestine and the Arabian peninsula; but this, although probable, cannot be proved.