BiblicalTraining's mission is to lead disciples toward spiritual growth through deep biblical understanding and practice. We offer a comprehensive education covering all the basic fields of biblical and theological content at different academic levels.
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Guidelines for Editing

See also Guidelines for Participation on BiblicalTraining Library

When editing and writing articles on BiblicalTraining Library ("BTL") it's important to keep the audience and tone in mind. It's our hope that this page will serve as an appropriate introduction to the non-technical aspects of writing for BTL.

Please see Format of Articles for specific information on putting together a BTL article.



BTL appeals to an extremely broad audience. All articles on BTL should be considered a valuable resource by academics while still being approachable by serious Christians. When writing for BTL, one must never assume that the reader holds a certain degree or has committed time to studying the resource being discussed.

Practically speaking, this means that a serious layperson in the Church who is interested in learning more about a subject shouldn't need to reference any other work or take a class in order to understand the concepts in your article.



We attempt to use an informal academic tone on BTL. Think of something a step or two above Christianity Today. Additionally, all articles should strive to be as objective as possible. It's our goal that a reader with no prior knowledge about your subject should leave feeling as if they understand the intricacies of all sides better than when they came in.



For the time being, all articles must be primarily written in English. While our administrative staff is excellent, we're unfortunately not in a position to moderate in additional languages.