GRAY (שֵׂיבָה, H8484, hoary head, old age). A color produced by a mixture of black and white.

The Heb. verb (שִׂיב, H8482) and the noun (שֵׂיבָה, H8484) denoting “gray” are used of “gray hair” as an indication of “old age,” and they may often be rendered thus. “Gray” does not occur in NT. There is an interesting related passage in the Ugaritic Tale of Aqhat (VI: 36, 37): “Glaze will be poured on my head, lime upon my pate” (both as a sign of hoariness and old age; for the word, “glaze,” and its attestation in Prov 26:23, cf. K. A. Kitchen, Ancient Orient and Old Testament, p. 163).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


See Colors; Hoary.