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Gospel of Barnabas

A pseudogospel containing portions from the Koran and the four canonical gospels. Its date is in doubt, though internal evidence points to the first half of the fourteenth century. Written in Italian by one who had renounced Christianity for Islam, its essential feature in teaching religious toleration is a belief that God's message of salvation is for all.

BARNABAS, GOSPEL OF. A Gospel of Barnabas is mentioned in the Gelasian Decree and in the Catalogue of the sixty books (see NTAp. I. 47, 52), in both cases beside the Gospel of Matthias (with whom Barnabas is identified in the Clementine Recognitions). There appears to be no other trace of this work, and it is doubtful if it ever existed. The extant Gospel of Barnabas (ed. Ragg, 1907) is a 14th cent. Italian forgery by a renegade from Christianity to Islam, preserved only in Spanish and Italian MSS.

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