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Some connection with Arab. tuḫas, “dolphin,” has been suggested. This term could refer to the dugong, “sea cow” found in the waters of Egypt and Sinai. The time of the Exodus suits the locale well.

A single NT reference (Heb 11:37 RSV), lauds the great men of faith who, among other deprivations wore the skins of sheep and goats.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Such skins are mentioned only once (Heb 11:37), where the wearing of goatskins, indicating extreme poverty, is referred to, by implication, as the possible lot of the faithful Christian, even as it had been of others. Ascetics of different religions, especially of the Moslem sects, are frequently seen going about Syria and Palestine today, clad in sheepskins or goatskins, a sign of their renunciation of all things worldly.