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GOAH (gō'a, Heb. gō‘âh). A place of unknown location, but apparently west of Jerusalem. Mentioned only once (Jer.31.39) in connection with prophecy concerning the restoration of Jerusalem. Josephus refers to it as “the camp of the Assyrians.”

GOAH gō’ ə (גֹּעָה, H1717, KJV has GOATH). A section in or near Jerusalem appearing only in Jeremiah 31:39. It is one of the boundaries prophesied for the rebuilt city. The hill Gareb is mentioned just before it in the verse.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

go’-a, go’-ath (go`ah; the King James Version; Septuagint reads ex eklekton lithon): A place named in describing the boundaries of Jerusalem as restored in the "days to come" (Jer 31:39). If Gareb is the Northeast hill, then probably Goah is to be identified with the Northwest hill, which is called by Josephus "the camp of the Assyrians" (BJ, V, vii, 3; xii, 2).

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