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GITTITH (gĭt'ĭth, Heb. gittîth). A word found in the titles of Ps.8.1-Ps.8.9, Ps.81.1-Ps.81.16, Ps.84.1-Ps.84.12. Its meaning is uncertain. It may denote some musical instrument made in Gath, or a melody or march that was popular in Gath.

GITTITH gĭt’ ĭth (Heb. גִּתִּ֗ית), a feminine noun used exclusively in the titles of three Pss, 8, 81 and 84. Three meanings are possible. It describes a musical instrument made or used in the Philistine city of Gath (Josh 11:22); the Targ. suggests that it was a type of melody from Gath; or it may also refer to the Heb. word, גִּתִּי, H1785, a “wine press” (Neh 13:15), and thus mean a song sung at the grape harvest.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


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