GIDOM (gī'dŏm, Heb. gidh‘ōm, desolation). Mentioned only in Judg.20.45. An isolated place east of Bethel, to which the routed Benjamites fled from angry fellow Israelites.

GIDOM gī’ dəm (גִּדְעֹ֔ם, their cutting off [?]). A place mentioned in connection with the flight of the Benjaminites from the rest of Israel after Gibeah’s (q.v.) rape of the Levite’s mistress (Judg 20:45). It is known only from this one reference.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The limit eastward, from Gibeah toward the wilderness, of the pursuit of Benjamin by Israel (Jud 20:45). No name suggesting this has yet been recovered. It is not mentioned elsewhere.