GIAH (gī'a). An unknown place near Gibeon, where Jacob overtook Abner (2Sam.2.24).

GIAH gī’ ə (גִּ֔יחַ). An unidentified site on the route of Abner’s flight from Joab and Abishai after he killed Asabel following the defeat of Eshbaal’s forces by those of David (2 Sam 2:24). It is given as a place better known to the contemporaries of the author than the hill of Ammah. An accepted understanding of the v. has not been achieved and the text may be corrupt.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An unidentified place on the route followed by Abner in his flight, pursued by Joab (2Sa 2:24). Septuagint renders Gai, corresponding to the Hebrew ge, "valley." The form giach may be due to corruption of the text.