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GHOR (ghaur or ghōr). The Arab. term for the low-lying plain of the Jordan valley from the southern end of the Sea of Galilee in the N to the northern end of the Dead Sea in the S. Its eastern border is formed by the relatively straight cliffs formed when the eastern mountains of Trans-Jordan fall off to the valley below along the fault line of the Jordan rift. Its western border is much more irregular, being formed by the western mountains of the Cisjordan range, which protrude into and recede from the valley of Ghor quite brokenly, cut in several places by steep valleys. The largest of these valleys is that of the Jālūd River which comes into the Jordan valley about seven m. below the Sea of Galilee, emptying the plain of Jezreel to the NW. The Ghor is broad and expansive, as it is at its widest region (about twelve m., E to W) just N of the Dead Sea. Within this valley the Jordan River winds and twists its way from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea (see Grollenberg, Atlas of the Bible, pl. 26, p. 17).