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Geruth Kimham

GERUTH KIMHAM (ğir'ūth kĭm'hăm). KJV “habitation of Chimham.” An unidentified place near Bethlehem where Johanan and others stayed on their way to Egypt after the murder of Gedaliah (Jer.41.17-Jer.41.18).

GERUTH-CHIMHAM gĭr’ ōōth kĭm’ hăm (גֵר֣וּת כִּמְהָ֔ם, the inn of Chimham, KJV HABITATION OF CHIMHAM). Unidentified place near Bethlehem (perhaps named after son of Barzillai, 2 Sam 19:37-40), where Johanan and company stayed while planning descent to Egypt after the murder of Gedaliah whom Nebuchadnezzar had appointed governor over what was left of Judah after 586 b.c. (Jer 41:17).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

kim’-ham (geruth kimham): If the reading geruth is correct, a "lodging-place" or "khan" on the highway to Egypt, may be meant (Jer 41:17). It may have been built by Chimham son of Barzillai; or it may have been named from him as owner of the land on which it stood. But probably with Josephus we should read gidhroth, "hurdles" or "sheep pens" (Ant., X, ix, 5).