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George Spalatin

1482-1545. German Reformer. Born “George Burkhard” at Spalt near Nuremberg, Spalatin (his Latinized name) attended the universities of Erfurt and Wittenberg. In 1505 he entered St. George's Monastery in Erfurt. In 1508 he became tutor to the future elector of Saxony, John Frederick. He served also as adviser and secretary to the elector Frederick the Wise. In 1525 he was made pastor at Altenburg, but continued to serve Elector John the Constant and John Frederick the Magnanimous. He was one of the earliest of Martin Luther's friends and promoters of this movement and greatly influenced Frederick the Wise in his tolerant and protective stance toward the Reformer. He carried on a voluminous correspondence throughout his active lifetime, only partially published. He outstandingly contributed to the promotion of education as a member of various church visitations. He helped to establish schools and libraries, actively trained pastors in pastoral theology, and helped in the training of young people. Spalatin's friendship for Luther during the last thirty years of his life (especially during the crucial years between 1517 and 1521) was of great significance in the work of Martin Luther.