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George Scholarius

c.1400-c.1468. Patriarch of Constantinople. At first a teacher of philosophy, he became a civil court judge in Constantinople. At the Council of Florence (1439) he favored the scheme for reunion with Rome, but later became a bitter opponent, writing numerous works on the subject. He entered the Monastery of the Almighty and took the name of “Gennadius.” In 1453 the Turks under Sultan Mohammed II took Constantinople; and Gennadius, now leader of the anti-union party, was appointed (as “Gennadius”) patriarch with full confirmation of his rights over the Orthodox community in return for their political obedience. After two (or possibly five) years in office, he resigned and lived in the monastery of St. John Baptist at Seres in Macedonia until his death. Over 100 books are credited to him, including speeches, anti-Latin polemical works, translation of works by Aquinas, philosophical treatises, and many theological pieces, especially his Confession, an apologetic dialogue with Mohammed II.