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George Buchanan Gray

1865-1922. English OT scholar. Born at Blandford, Dorset, son of a Congregational minister, he was educated there and at Exeter, was a schoolmaster, then matriculated at London University (1882). He went on to Mansfield College, Oxford, and completed his studies at Marburg. He became tutor at Mansfield (1891), was ordained a Congregational minister (1893), and from 1900 was professor of Hebrew and OT exegesis at his college. His books include commentaries on Numbers, Isaiah 1-27, and Job (with S.R. Driver). In Sacrifice in the Old Testament (published posthumously in 1925), he made a notable contribution to OT theology. An independent and original thinker, though accepting the views of the Wellhausen* school of biblical criticism, he had a positive, constructive approach, and his preaching and teaching were permeated by the devotional spirit of the OT.